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Note: TD Ameritrade .NET SDK repository is now moving to Github.

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This is a non-official TD AMERITRADE SDK (Software Development Kit) made available to programmers - both trading application developers and individual traders who wish to integrate their software with TD AMERITRADE services for:

  • Get streaming data - quotes, level II, news, actives
  • Get snapshot data - quotes, news, option chains
  • Get historical quote OHLC data - intraday and daily
  • Get trading account information - balances, positions, transactions
  • Submit/Modify/Cancel orders, including conditional orders and complex options orders

It is built on top of Microsoft .NET Framework and utilizes HTTPS protocol for communication with TD AMERITRADE services.

Usage Sample (C#)

What to expect next?

  • Async methods is the main priority
  • Existing functionality improvements
  • New methods will be added for executing trades, controlling orders and much more

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Legal Notice

TD Ameritrade logo and trademark are copyrighted by TD AMERITRADE Inc. Source and binary code of this SDK is licensed under Ms-RL by Koistya `Navin

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